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Issue 155 - Jan. 20, 2013

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EDITOR'S NOTES- Welcome to THE GLADIATOR. This publication, started by Fred Coon, Chairman and CEO of Stewart, Cooper & Coon, has been serving serious jobseekers professionals working in the career industry, for over seven years. It is a hard-hitting, internet publication with serious ideas and information for those in career transition and for those who are assisting their clients with these very difficult to manage issues. Every article, written by more than 60 nationally-known authors, is specifically focused on helping to improve job search tactics. We feature only experts in the career field. These authors are on the "front line" daily and are helping job seekers across the U.S. and the world. Exposure to these experts and their thoughts is guaranteed to increase a job seeker's chances for success. Learn more about us - [ABOUT US]
Article: Your Turn To Ask Questions In The Job Interview - "Do you have any questions?":

When this question is asked in the interview, surprisingly, the most common answer is "No."

Not only is this the wrong answer, you have missed an opportunity to find out information about the company. It is important for you to ask questions; not just any questions, but questions relating to the job, the company, and the industry... [READ ON]

Job Search Rule 1:
You Either Make Dust or Eat Dust...So Keep Focused

For the past four years The Gladiator has been a successful resource for people searching for new opportunities in their careers. This bi-weekly publication is always seeking creative authors for contributions of original articles. This is a chance for writers with innovative ideas to expose a wide range of readers to new ideas and tried and true methods of reinventing satisfying livelihoods.

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